Our Story

Modern Designs combines old fashion Amish craftsmanship with mission style designs for a very unique line of poly furniture.
Modern Designs & Shetler Woodcraft Sign

Crafting Furniture Since 1994

Felty Shetler started working with wood when he was just a boy. After learning the craft well and the attention to detail while working in other wood shops he moved on to start his own business. Shetler Wood Working became his business, located in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio. In 2014 Felty’s son was carving his own niche in his father’s trade. He was experimenting with a new line of modern style poly furniture. This small branch of Shetler wood soon grew into it’s own entity which became known as Modern Designs.

A Style All To Its Own

The particular style we build is defined more by lines and grooves which has become known as the ever popular mission style or modern furniture.

Family Makes A Good Team

Modern Designs is a family operated business. Felty has five children who all help in the wood and poly shop crafting pieces of furniture. Felty enjoys designing the prototypes and showing them to the rest of his family for approval. Once a prototype is built and tested then it is time for production. Felty enjoys designing the furniture using raw materials and his family enjoys building it which makes for a good team!

Modern Designs & Shetler Woodcraft Shop