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Crafting Uniqueness

The inception of Modern Designs is rooted in Amish craftsmanship and the dedication to mastering woodworking, instilled by Felty Shetler. His journey, from honing his craftsmanship skills to founding his own business, constitutes the backbone of the brand.

The legacy continues as Felty’s son takes the plunge into the fascinating world of modern-style poly furniture. Magnifying the brand from a small branch of Shetler’s Quality Craftsmanship into its distinct entity, his endeavors led to the substantial growth and evolution of Modern Designs.

At Modern Designs, the prime focus rests on maintaining distinctiveness in every creation. The brand is renowned for its popular mission style furniture, characterized by clean lines and intricate grooves that perfectly capture the essence of its furniture.

The spirit of teamwork permeates throughout Modern Designs. Often found busy in the wood and poly shop, the five children contribute effectively toward its operation. Felty’s passion for meticulously designing the prototypes, followed by thorough family approval, underscores teamwork. Equipped with his visionary designs, coupled with the family’s craftmanship, Modern Designs stands as a united, effective team.